Welcome to the TUM Blockchain Research Cluster

The Blockchain Research Cluster (blockchain.tum.de) is an interdisciplinary network of chairs and research groups at the Technical University of Munich, which investigate and further develop the technical, economic, legal and social aspects of blockchain-based solutions.

The cluster organizes a monthly meeting for interested members of the Technical University of Munich as well as external guests to report on various topics (technologies, research results, applications). In addition, introductory events and lectures by guests take place.

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TUM Study Finds Bitcoin's Carbon Footprint is Comparable to Hamburg and Las Vegas

A recent study by researchers at TU München reveals that the annual carbon emissions of the Bitcoin network range from 22.0 to 22.9 MtCO2 which is comparable to larger cities and even countries such as Jordan and Sri Lanka. [more]


Nine Universities Join Their Efforts on Shared Digital Credential Infrastructure

TU Munich will be collaborating with other universities under Digital Credentials initiative to create a global digital credential infrastructure for certification.[more]

Upcoming Events


The Tao of Token Economies: Token Design Thinking & Engineering

On July 12th Token Engineering Munich will be organizing a workshop on Token Design Thinking & Engineering[more]


Talk: Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Thoughts on The Future of Programmable Money

On June 27, 2019 19:00 Andreas Antonopoulos will be visiting TU Munich to share his thoughts on the future of programmable money. [more]