TUM Blockchain Research @ BlockShow 2017 in Munich


BlockShow Europe 2017 – Europe's largest Blockchain conference – was held on April 5th and 6th in Munich. It featured more than 20 speakers and attracted about 600 participants.

While several excellent follow-ups have already been written, we follow-up with a comprehensive Tweet analysis of all Tweets that have been published around #BlockShow2017. The Tweets were collected and analyzed by Dr. Andranik Tumasjan and Stefanie von Jan.

Overall, we collected and analyzed 1144 Tweets using the Hashtag #BlockShow2017 from April 3rd to April 7th. The complete data set with all Tweets can be downloaded here.

Here are some key statistics:

  • #bitcoin was mentioned more than four times as often as #ethereum (43 vs. 10)

  • #ethereum was mentioned more than twice compared to #solarcoin (10 vs. 4)

  • #fintech was mentioned 76 times

  • #insuretech, #proptech, #hrtech were not mentioned at all

Overall, this reflects the still prevailing dominance of financial applications for blockchain technologies.

@DECENTplatform generated the most Retweets for own advertisement, followed by @KomodoPlatform 

40 retweets: "RT @DECENTplatform: DECENT’s heading to #Munich! Join us at #BlockShow2017 on April 6th. #blockchain @Cointelegraphev"

27 retweets: RT @KomodoPlatform: #Komodo and #SuperNET are preparing! Meet Alice & @0xca333 at #BlockShow2017! #FinTech #Entrepreneur.

@KomodoPlatform and @MadsEmiil received the most favorites with their Tweet

56 favorites: #Komodo and #SuperNET are preparing! Meet Alice & @0xca333 at #BlockShow2017! #FinTech #Entrepreneur.

40 favorites: "Who says #fintech isn't exciting? #actionpacked demo of ether mining. #blockchain #BlockShow2017"  

While these are just the Tweets with the most Retweets and Favorites, many more Tweets and content for your own follow-up is available in the complete data set (see above)!

Overall, BlockShow Europe was a great event and we are looking forward to its next installment in 2018!