Blockchain-Meetup @ TUM with Prof. Bayer


Prof. Bayer introduced the Blockchain Research Group to the C-Chain.

By Ulrich Gallersdörfer

On the 9th of January, Prof. Bayer introduced the Blockchain Research Group to his newest brainchild, the C-Chain.

The C-chain is an alternative to Blockchain and solves the same application problems, but with an emphasis on smart contracts rather than cryptocurrencies. With this novel approach, some of the fundamental design decisions of Blockchain are replaced and enhanced. The resulting C-chain technology relies partly on databases, is very simple, easy to use, very efficient and perfectly scalable. After the talk, the community was able to get some hands-on experience. The C-Chain is already available for Android devices, where different applications have been tested.

For anybody who is interested, Prof. Bayer maintains a website ( Anything about the C-Chain can be found there.