Upcoming Events

St.Gallen Blockchain Roundtable and Paper Competition

On November 5, 2019 the St. Gallen Blockchain Roundtable will be taking place with keynote speeches and breakout sessions. Also students are welcome to submit their DLT-related theses for the competition.

The St. Gallen Blockchain Roundtable is a single day event in Zurich entitled "Redistributing the Platform Economy", where the challenges, opportunities and implications of decentralized platforms will be discussed. The guest speakers include Dr. Michael Bolle, Bosch CTO; Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, in charge of mobility at canoo and former CEO of Opel Continental and Volkswagen Group of China; Michael Spitz, CEO Main Incubator/Commerzbank and Prof. Dr. Roman Beck, Professor in Information Systems and Blockchain Economist, IT University of Copenhagen.

Additionally students enrolled in the Technical University of Munich are called to submit their thesis in the area of DLTs – either from a technological, economic or social perspective. Deadline for submitting the paper is August 15, 2019.

For more information see the flyers attached