Current News

The Chair of Software Engineering of Business Information Systems (sebis) at the Technical University of Munich is looking for excellent candidates for a PhD position (100% TVL-E 13) in the area of Blockchain-based Systems Engineering. [mehr]

Coindesk evaluated the blockchain capabilities in research, teaching, collaboration, and economic impact of 230 universities worldwide in a survey. The result: The Technical University Munich (TUM) ranked as the best German blockchain university and 31st overall. [mehr]

Bitcoin mining causes about 22 million tons of CO2 annually – comparable to the emissions of cities such as Hamburg or Las Vegas. This was the conclusion of a detailed analysis of the cryptocurrency's carbon footprint by researchers of TUM and MIT. In their new study, the... [mehr]

TU Munich has released together with other universities the Whitepaper "Building the digital credential infrastructure for the future", outlining the process to create a global digital credential infrastructure that sets a worldwide standard for issuing, storing, displaying and... [mehr]

A recent study by researchers at TU München reveals that the annual carbon emissions of the Bitcoin network range from 22.0 to 22.9 MtCO2 which is comparable to larger cities and even countries such as Jordan and Sri Lanka. [mehr]

TU Munich will be collaborating with other universities under Digital Credentials initiative to create a global digital credential infrastructure for certification. [mehr]

CDF is offering an Interdisciplinary Project for Computer Science students who are interested in Blockchain technologies [mehr]

The Chair of Energy Economy and Application Technology offers a PhD Position in the research area of Blockchain functionalities in the energy economy. [mehr]

The Chair for Strategy and Organization offers a PhD Position in the area of "New business models for person-related services" with a focus on Blockchain/DLT. [mehr]

From September 24, the Institute for Energy Economy and Application Technology offers students of TUM the opportunity to develop and investigate blockchain solutions within the Energy Blockchain Labs with master and bachelor theses, interdisciplinary research internships and... [mehr]