The global aviation industry has seen several changes over the last decades mainly in aircraft technology and maintenance. Positive developments on fuel saving related to reduction of carbon dioxide through efficient engine construction as well as reduction of the aircraft weight using advanced materials changed the manufacturers industry. Lately one new important topic came up: blockchain technology. This technology enables a trust architecture with the opportunity of process acceleration and higher efficiency. 

This research project examines the potential of blockchain technology in the aviation industry mainly focusing on aircraft construction and maintenance service. For instance, most procedures in the aircraft industries have a high spending on reliable documentation which has to be preserved in a safe way for a rather long time. The internationalization of the production as well as maintenance process together with increasing expectations on quality and security standards request trustful tools in the background. The central question in the aviation industry currently is: How can blockchain optimize processes by bringing trust into digital data? The goal of this projects is primarily to assess in which fields of application in the aviation industry blockchain can be used.