Media Content

Digitalization of content represented a profound change for the media industry with new content consumption behaviours, new entrants and the failure of established business models to profit from digital content. Despite all changes, appropriation of value from digital content along the value chain is still an issue in the industry since tracking digital content rights and licenses suffers from lack of information and complex chains of intermediary players. Blockchain as a distributed ledger technology that allows tracking digital assets in a secure way without relying on a trusted third party could be an alternative to simplify the media value chain or even change it completely. The main research question is then if blockchain has the potential to enable disruptive business models that will allow the media industry to better profit from digital content and overcome some of the existing challenges. The research will cover new blockchain applications for the different kinds of content like music, video, books, news and social media and will analyze the potential impacts of the industry from the theoretical background of disruptive innovation, value networks, and business models.